Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Why So Many Tourists Are Booking a Last Minute Holiday to Morocco

Morocco has a certain aura about it that brings tourists from Europe all year round. Morocco is located at the western tip of the Sahara desert and has a shore line stretching around the African coast from the Mediterranean Sea into the Atlantic. The names of the cities, such as Tangier, Essaouira, Casablanca, Asilah, and Rabat, are also enchanting. There is a touch of African magic mixed with European influence in the names of the cities.

Morocco has started developing its costal resorts and other tourist attractions. Morocco is eagerly developing its tourist industry, and encouraging more people to spend their holidays in Morocco. The price of spending a holiday is quite reasonable when compared to the other popular holiday destinations. In Tangier, you have to handle the hustlers. Other than that, it is a cosmopolitan city bustling with life and is surely a wonderful place.

Marrakech, which was once the hub of caravans, has an old city charm. With story tellers, snake charmers, and old ramparts, this is a city steeped in history. The city square seems to have stopped in time and exudes it years of old charm. Casablanca is a city of contrasts where the modern city meets with the old. When in Casablanca, You might not know whether you are in a modern city or in an old charming city.

The Atlantic coast in Morocco has endless beaches dotted with fishing villages. There are a number of tourist resorts, hotels, villas, and hostels along the coastline. So if it's a relaxing holiday that you have planned to spend on the beach front, then there are plenty of options in Morocco. You can also choose between the warm Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. The Atlas Mountains run diagonally across Morocco, and you can spot Berber villages precariously perched on them.

There is adventure, leisure, and some fun in visiting Morocco. If you are adventurous and don't mind trying to be fleeced by tiny hustlers on the streets, then a visit to Morocco will definitely charm you.

The cost of a holiday in Morocco suits all holiday budgets, and you get to see a different world. You don't have to venture into the heart of Africa to feel the magic of Africa. The dunes, the mountains, and the centuries of history that are so evident in Morocco are factors that compel you to spend a holiday over here.

Morocco is trying very hard to retain its mystery, and at the same time is trying to make it a charming country for holiday makers. To lure in more tourists and holiday makers, Morocco is offering some of the best holiday packages available today. The financial crisis in the west is another factor that is driving holiday makers to visit Morocco.

One thing is certain, the atmosphere of Morocco cannot be equaled anywhere in the world. The mix of the old and the new, and how they have adjusted to each other, does puzzle the visitors. But, if you are looking for some adventure and fun, then you must head to Morocco.

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